Different types of mental illness

mental healthCurrently, there are different types of mental illnesses which have varying degrees of severity. Some of the common mental conditions include: anxiety, depression, bipolar mood disorder, anxiety, eating disorders and personality disorders. Other less common conditions of the mind are: bipolar mood disorder and schizophrenia, both of which involve psychosis. Throughout this article, the various disorders related to the mind will be discussed.

1. Psychotic illnesses

The most common psychotic illnesses are bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. In the event of psychotic illnesses, the patient may lose touch with reality and become unable to tell the things that are real from fantasy. These diseases are characterised by changes in thoughts, loss of cohesion between speech and thoughts, alterations in perceptions and changes in emotions and behaviour. Continue reading

Technology That Improves The Quality Of Life

For those with disabilities of all kinds there has been an influx of technology that can improve the quality of life and how they communicate with the world. Advances in technology have allowed disabled people to live better lives and even improve their place in the workforce while giving an independence of living that wasn’t available 20 years ago. The biggest advancement in technology is that which is used to communicate with those who are considered locked in.

People who are considered locked in are those who have had some sort of nerve impediment that causes them to be unable to move or communicate vocally. Initially communication could only be done by blinking the eyes to inform care takers of yes or no but technology has advanced this by allowing them to communicate with brain waves. This sound likes science fiction but in fact this is cutting edge technology that allows for communication where it wasn’t otherwise possible. Continue reading

Surfing With Disabilities

Computers for people with visual disabilities
Someone with a visual disability could find the information on the screen or difficult to read. That is the main obstacle. In addition, the use of the mouse is often a problem because he has no overview or less across the screen.
Fortunately there are tools that provide a solution to these problems and the standard applications of a computer useful for people with visual disabilities.

A custom computer for a visually impaired
One would have impaired vision remaining best use. He therefore uses mostly a magnification program (depending on the visual deviation possibly combined with a larger monitor) the screen image is enlarged. This does mean a loss of overview. Such programs can also enhance the color change to enhance contrast.
While increasing for many the ideal adaptation is impaired when typing text (eg a word processor), meaning speech output in many cases a better alternative to reading documents (eg a web page). Therefore, most visually enlarge a program with a speech program, which enlarged and said display simultaneously possible. Continue reading

Find work with a physical disability

People with a form of physical disabilities have more difficulty finding a job. They need to have compensation points to be given priority over other applicants. If they do not become employers often contribute to other reasons, but people with certain disabilities are consciously avoided.

Living with a disability is often made more severe by the environment. People with physical disabilities get affected the most by wrong approach of other people. This is especially true for employers. Once an applicant has a disability he or she should offer plenty of extras compared to the other candidates. Continue reading